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Saint Patrick's Day Parade

Saint Patrick's Day Parade Website

Mission and Purpose

A common place for all Saint Patrick's Day Parade Organizations to post information about their parade, festival, and events. So  that millions of viewers can obtain current information.

We need your help. We need to work together, to make this website a success. Please include this Url:  in all  your press releases to local news papers and local cable providers, or any other professional place. We ask your organization to include it on the top or bottom of your letterhead.

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Goals of Saint Patrick's Day Parade:

 is the widespread dissemination of information about  Parades and Irish Festivals  

a market place for million of Irish customers. 

 bring local and national and international Irish news.

to be a local leader of special causes and to help local benefits

 to create an environment of local  supportive atmosphere for business  to invest on the internet for corporate, professionals, and individuals. 

A place for great Irish Links.

Please note: Please send information Parades chairperson or designated person, once approved it will be posted. We will try to post information over the weekend. Please make sure all information is accurate and correct. It will be posted the identical way it is sent.

Enjoy the site! Thank You.

The Saint Patrick's Day Parade web site team



Search Site ] [ Who We Are ] Parades ] Irish Festivals ] Associations ] A.O.H ] Links ] Irish Bars ]

Search Site ] [ Who We Are ] Parades ] Irish Festivals ] Associations ] A.O.H ] Links ] Irish Bars ]

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